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Global Student Teaching

The Global Student Teaching program offers education majors the opportunity to complete seven weeks of their student teaching requirement at an international school. Global Student Teaching typically occurs during the spring semester.  In fall 2010, a GST pilot program is being arranged.

Over the years the College has enjoyed partnerships in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.  Please check the current site locations in the Global Student Teaching Programs.

The spring experience begins in mid January and lasts until mid March. At the midpoint of their student teaching experience, the students are evaluated by a supervisor to assess their progress in the classroom. Altogether, seven weeks are spent student teaching and one week is allowed for travel. Upon return to The College of New Jersey, the remainder of the student teaching requirement is completed at a local school that is part of the TCNJ Professional Development School Network.

If you are interested in applying for Global Student Teaching please continue to the heading FORMS above; then click on Global Student Teaching Program.